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7648 Highway 70 S Nashville, TN 37221
Q: I am pregnant, what services can I get?
A: Congratulations! Yes you can still receive most of the services we offer. Facials would not be affected by pregnancy, however, there are some precautions taken for massage services. Once you are pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, you will need a prenatal massage trained therapist. Not all of our therapists are trained for prenatal massage and do not work on pregnant women, call us to let us know if your situation calls for a prenatal massage to avoid a possible cancelation of your appointment. Body Wraps are not suitable during pregnancy. You can receive a salt glow without the wrap. Caution should be used when booking for reflexology as some reflex points are used to encourage labor.
Q: How do the Reward Points work?
A: Our loyalty rewards points are generated through our booking software, Vagaro. Points are automatically generated and tracked within the system so you don’t have to keep track of them yourself. Points are awarded for full priced services. Services received on a discount do not accrue any points. Some services offer more points then others. 20 points will grant you a complementary one hour facial or massage. Points earned and points needed for a service are listed with the service on the scheduling page.
Q: I want to book online with a gift certificate, but it requires a credit card to book. Is my card going to be used?
A: Our online booking software does require a credit card to schedule. However, the card is not charged at that time. You can pay for your services with your gift certificate or other payment options at time of your check out. Drake Day Spa does not store any personal information or data. Your card is secured through Vagaro and their cyber security.
Q: What is your cancelation policy?
A: We require 24 hours notice for cancelation of your services, otherwise there is a $30 per service fee. We use text and email to remind you of your appointment 3 days in advance. If you do not show up for your appointment a charge of $30 per service will be applied to cover the lost wages of the staff, as we would not have the option to fill that appointment time for another customer.
Q: What amenities do you offer?
A: To help keep prices affordable, our facility is compact. Our treatment rooms are spacious and comfortable. We do not have services requiring a shower, locker room, sauna, or waiting area. We can accommodate a party of 2 comfortably. With larger parties, we are unable to have each customer start and end at the same times. As we grow as a company, so will our ability to handle larger parties and the services we can offer.
Q: Is there anything I should know before my facial?
A: Our skin care line, Bioelements, is a natural skin care line. There are no artificial fragrances and harsh preservatives. We have products to compliment all skin types. If you are booking a facial or a Microdermabrasion service please let the booking staff know if you are taking a Rx acne medicine. These medicines thin the skin and our more abrasive services such as, chemical peels and microdermabrasion, are contraindicated while on the medicine. If you are unsure if you are able to receive a certain facial, you can schedule a free consultation.
Q: What should I expect during a massage?
A: Our therapists are trained in traditional western style massage; Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue. Each therapist has their own art to these techniques. Swedish is a relaxing full body massage that the therapist does not focus on any one area. Therapeutic, still relaxing but, if you have areas in need of focus the therapist will take some time away from other areas to be able to focus on your specified needs. The pressure for these two services ranges from light to firm, depending on the client.

You are draped during the massage, draping is not optional. Areas that are worked on include head, neck, shoulders, arms, back, gluteals (buttocks), legs, and feet. Under no circumstance will the breasts or genital areas be massaged.

Q: What is the difference with a Deep Tissue massage?
A: With a Deep Tissue massage, your therapist will be using above firm pressure in the areas of your most focused concern area. Not all areas of the body require a deep touch. The most common areas requested for deep tissue are the upper back, hips & gluteals (buttocks), and sometimes the legs. Medium to Firm pressure will be used in the areas not receiving deep tissue. If you are taking pain killers to ease your pain, please be aware that these medicines retard your pain receptors, and too much pressure can cause damage to your nerves and tissue.
Q: What can I expect with a Body Wrap service?
A: During a body wrap service, your skin is exfoliated with sea salt or our Chinese Herbology product to remove dead skin and smooth the texture of your skin. The service provider will exfoliate as much of your body as comfortably possible. You will be draped during the service, but you are welcome to bring a swimming suit to wear instead. As we do not have a shower room, product is removed with warm damp towels. Some residual product may remain and an extra towel will be given to you to remove product from areas the provider could not reach.

Once wrapped up, the provider will stay in the room with you to ensure no discomfort or if you become claustrophobic, your wrap can be loosened. Please tell your provider if you begin to feel light headed or faint so heat levels can be adjusted.

Q: Medicine and Massage?
A: Massage can have adverse reactions with some medicines. If you are on an antibiotic you must wait at least 3 days before receiving a massage. Some Rx medicines will react with a massage causing you fatigue, lightheadedness, and even cause you to be physically sick. If you are on regular medicine and not sure how massage will effect the function of your medicine, please contact your Dr. or Pharmacist prior to scheduling. If you are on a regular Rx regimen of pain killers or opioids, your therapist may not give you deep tissue massage.
Q: What is CBD Oil massage?

A: The use of CBD infused oil is used throughout the massage session. CBD has a natural earthy aroma. Essential oils can be added if desired. 

Q: Will I test positive for THC after having a CBD massage?

A: No. There is a minuscule trace amount of THC found in most all CBD products. Using CBD topically, these trace amounts do not make it to the liver, therefor, do not get metabolized.   

Q: Is CBD Oil safe?

A: We use products through CBD Clinic. They are FDA registered and their products are manufactured in an FDA audited facility. You can trust that the products we use are of high quality and 100% what is advertised.

It is recommended that you speak with your health care professional before using CBD Oil products. If you are undergoing major medical treatment, we may request you speak with your HCP before receiving this massage. 

Q: Can I get a CBD Oil massage if I am pregnant?

A: There is not substantial studies reported on the use of CBD Oil and pregnancy. We request you get written authorization from your doctor before the massage. We ask that you use caution with any product or service received through us for the potential harm or complications that may arise during pregnancy. 

Q: Will a CBD massage get me "high"?

A: No. The CBD products we use are non psychoactive.

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